Accounts Receivable Debt Free Working Capital

Get your invoices paid faster!

Sign up in minutes and get funded up to $10,000 of your Accounts Receivable. Factor all your invoices 100% online. We fund small companies with an average of $10,000 per month in accounts receivable. Our factoring program provides business owners access to quick working capital to grow their company. Our partnership empowers your business to invest in future sales, gain access to debt free working capital, meet payroll, with excellent terms without hindering your cash flow.


A Simple Solution To Business Invoice Financing

Accounts receivable funding allows businesses to convert customer invoices to available cash. Most business need cash right away for operating costs, payroll or growth and waiting 30 – 90 days to get paid from services or products delivered to customers can hinder a business’s growth or worst lose good employees to payroll funding shortages. Buffet Factoring leverages your accounts receivable as collateral and advances funds against the face values of your open invoices.

  • No Upfront Fees

    No setup or hidden fees.

  • Quick Approvals

    Approval within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Low Rates

    We offer low rates.

  • Same Day Funding

    Upload your invoices and get paid.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    Factor what you need.

  • Online Reporting

    Access reports only 24/7/365

Other Benefits of Factoring

Cash flow availability is the main reason most companies factor invoices; however, factoring invoices also provides other advantages. For examples, billing support and collections allowing you to focus more on sales to grow your business. Clients with no credit or bad credit benefit because factoring is based on your customers credit and business history. Factoring invoices scales with the growth of your company allowing you to factor as much as you need to continue growth.

Make Sure Factoring Is Right For You

If you answer yes to any of the four-point listed below, then invoice factoring may be right for your company.  

  • Converting your receivables to cash means reduced stress.
  • Your growing faster, but your cash flow is coming in too slow.
  • Payroll is always falling short of what’s due.
  • Need funds to continue purchasing goods to resell

Buffet Factoring Services are a great options for business owners unable to obtain bank financing for their business.